Leasing Experience with Earth

We offer value and state of mind to our customers by dedicating focus on each individual transaction and creating the picture perfect solution every time.  Each transaction has its’ own unique characteristics so the ability to identify variables combined with structuring leases based on the customers needs and implementing the correct actions with precision is what separates Earth from the competition.  Here are just a few of the benefits you will receive as a client of Earth Auto Leasing.

Lowest Rates Available

We take great pride in the banking relationships we have forged over the years and nothing makes us happier than to pass our industry leading programs on to our clients. You have the benefit of knowing that you’re always making the lowest payments possible and as your true automotive partner we get one step closer to making you a Customer for Life.

Competitive Residuals

We use the most competitive residuals in the industry for leasing a car without artificially enhancing it which allows you to follow the true depreciation of the vehicle apart from significantly reducing your ability to trade early.

More to Offer

We know there are other leasing companies that can locate and lease you a car.  However, most don’t carry 180+ vehicles in stock and none of them have a Service Center or Multiple Collision Centers to accommodate you.  The Bottom Line is that we want to be your One Source Solution for all of your Vehicle Needs.

GAP Insurance

Earth Auto Leasing includes GAP Insurance at no additional cost (***closed end leases only).  If your car is totaled or stolen during the term of the lease it is covered.  Ask your agent for details or refer to your lease agreement.

Live Support

Every time you have a question about your lease it will be answered by a real live leasing specialist where helping you find the information you are looking for is their only priority!